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Pro Series Clinics

Offering high level clinics

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Proud to parter with

Seapowet Stables has partnered with Stall and Stable offering

professional-level clinics in several disciplines.


We have a few core philosophies about horse care, training, and lifestyle that we believe are essential for a fair and harmonious relationship with our horses.


The Stall and Stable Pro Clinic Series features top-level horse professionals who fit with those core philosophies, and who genuinely enjoy teaching.


From horsemanship and stable management, to problem-solving, jumping, dressage and wellness, our clinics have something for everyone.


Plus, Seapowet takes great pride in going the extra mile for creating a safe, welcoming environment for horses and their riders. While the Pro Clinic Series is professionally managed, the atmosphere is always friendly and fun. You may come for the learning experience, but you’re guaranteed to leave with more than a few new friends, too!


Interested in learning more about our clinics

click the link below to register or be notified for early registration click the link below.

Past Clinicians

  • Emma Ford

  • Tik Maynard

  • Bernie Traurig

  • Michael Janson

2021 Clinics

March 20

Dressage and flatwork. Goal-oriented clinic sessions customized to each rider.

May 29-30

Gymnastics and jumping for the competitive rider.

June 19-20

Train the trainer. Better performance under saddle by understanding how your horse learns.



Aug 20-22

Classic equitation that creates better and a more secure rider.


TBD Fall 2021

World Class Grooming

Olympic-level care for performance and pleasure horses.


July 17-18

Leadership through horsemanship. How to create a more confident horse through leadership.

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